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Jawaban Soal Nouns Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ini adalah jawaban dari Soal Nouns Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Langsung saja yaa..

Jawaban Soal Nouns Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Yang merupakan common nouns :
  1. bird dan garden.
  2. teacher. 
  3. apple.
  4. doll.
  5. stories.
  6. doctor.
  7. dictionary.
  8. bananas.
  9. phone.
  10. book.

Yang merupakan proper nouns :
  1. July.
  2. Ali Baba.
  3. Shawn dan Ashley.
  4. Mr. Lee.
  5. Cinderella.
  6. Mike.
  7. Tuesday.
  8. Lion King.

Proper nouns dan common nouns :
  1. Lisa (proper nouns)
  2. bank (common nouns)
  3. President Hotel (proper nouns)
  4. United Bank (proper nouns)
  5. January (proper nouns)
  6. beach (common nouns)
  7. White Sand Beach (proper nouns)
  8. hotel (common nouns)
  9. doctor (common nouns)
  10. month (common nouns)
  11. Dr. Wang (proper nouns)
  12. girl (common nouns)

Di bawah ini yang merupakan common nouns dan proper nouns :
  1. ___P____ the White House
  2. ___C___ the green dress
  3. ___C___ the tall building
  4. ___P___ the Empire State Building
  5. ___P___ the Yellow River
  6. ___C___ the muddy river
  7. ___C___ the governor
  8. ___P___ Governor Parker
  9. ___P___ the Oregon Trail
  10. ___C___ the winding trail

Membenarkan huruf besar untuk nouns :
  1. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island.
  2. The Capital of Illinois is Springfield.
  3. My friends and I prefer glittergums toothpaste.
  4. Their family visited Yellowstone National Park.
  5. Juan and Maria attend Kennedy Middle School.
  6. We had a surprise party for aunt Helen.
  7. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.
  8. The manager scolded his lazy employees.

Saya sudahi dulu ya jawaban soal nouns dalam bahasa Inggris ini.


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