Arti Help Each Other

Apa Itu Colloquial Language?

Kata Kasar Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Arti Smoking Gun

Arti Smooth the Waters

Arti Aid and Abet

Arti Ahead of Time

Arti Ahead of the Game

Arti Young at Heart

Arti Race Against Time

Arti Ahead of One's Time

Arti a Goner

Arti Swim With the Tide

Arti Swim Against the Tide

Arti Swim Against the Stream

Arti Swim Against the Current

Arti Against the Grain

Arti Against Time

Arti Against the Clock

Arti Against One's Will

Arti Against One’s Better Judgment

Arti Against All Odds

Arti Again and Again

Arti After The Fact

Arti After One’s Own Heart

Arti After Hours

Arti Size Up

Arti Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Arti After a While

Arti When All Is Said and Done

Arti After All